Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Gracie's back!

Good evening guys!

So on Sunday I finally got back out competing again,and took the lovely rising 5yo gracie who hasn't been out since Arena UK's festival last September out. I was hoping to go for the BN to ease her back into the swing of things (She has only jumped 2 BN's and 1 4YO class in her life so far!) But got there a bit late so entered the 95cm scope qual and the 1.00 tack locker scope qual.

She travelled like a saint and came off and warmed up so well, so relaxed and took the whole atmosphere in her stride. When it came to the 95cm she was a bit wobbly and babyish, and had an unfortunate 4 flts at the beginning of the 2nd to last double, but jumped the rest great so couldn't fault her.

We then had a little re-warm up ready for the 1.00 class and she jumped this beautifully. She flew round for a DC but just wasn't quick enough for the leaderboard but this was ok as I wasn't pushing her anyway. The DC has qualified her for scope and also doubled as a discovery double clear so I was absolutely over the moon with her!

Hoping to get her out and get some BN & Disco double clears, then aiming to take her to Northcoate young horse show in June to do the 5yos, also Rio may be tagging along to this show for the 4yos as he is going amazingly, but we will see closer to the day!

So, we had a great day! Big thank you to my dad for driving & my boyfriend for being chief horse holder & photographer :)

Love Lauren x

The video is linked here, my riding is so scruffy but it did the job!

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