Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A happy, hectic new year!

Good afternoon everyone!

Well this is a very delayed post. I have been so, so busy this winter! We have lots of exciting things coming up and in store I'm looking forwards to sharing with you.

First update is that little (or not so!) Nemo is under saddle now. He is doing SO well I am so pleased with him. He wasn't the easiest of horses, very nervous and when backing him getting on board seemed as though it was never going to happen! But lots of time, and lots and lots of patience we are on board and walking and trotting all over the place for now! The picture quality is rubbish I am so sorry and I need to get some recent videos of him but I have this one for now-

The next big bit of news is that we have moved yards. It was a sad time to leave our old yard and friends behind, but we have moved onto a lovely little yard with some old friends and life is so much easier for us now! 
We have been getting loads of riding in and the horses are going fantastic. As you can see in the picture at the top the horses are all very content in their stables!

My final bit of news is quite sad really. I have chosen to sell Rio. Absolutely no fault of his own, he is a fabulous horse with a huge future ahead of him and I have thoroughly enjoyed producing him. I am limited with time these days with working etc, and I don't feel I give him the time he deserves to shine as much as he will with someone who can.

That's all for now! I intend on uploading to this blog weekly from now on, I have lots of ideas and plans and things to report I can't wait to share with you all, hopefully a very exciting year ahead!
Thanks for reading