Friday, 24 June 2016

Northcote Young horse show- Report.

So we was at NYHC 1-4th June. I took my lovely 5yo Gracie to jump the 5yr old classes. Until this show she had only jumped a handful of BN's and 2 discoveries so it was very much throwing her in at the deep end but she managed so well!

We arrived on the Wednesday evening to settle in ready to jump the Thursday. Gracie was her usual chilled out self, we had a little ride in the warm up ring and tucked her in bed then my boyfriend & I went to have a complimentary glass of champagne and a look at the buffet, which was a lovely touch! So we went to get tucked up into bed on the Wednesday night and I suddenly came over really sick, and had to scramble out of the luton and managed to make it to the washing up bowl! So it seems I activated some lurking bug as I was up being sick all night, sat in one of the portla-loos in my jammies throwing up my guts- Lovely.

 So I managed about an hours sleep on the lorry floor with the dogs Wednesday night, I managed to jump our qualifier on the Thursday and we just had a few wobbles and 1 stop as she jumped in to big to the double, but other then that it was a good first round in a big 1.10 and I wasn't riding at my best! The following day, the Friday we jumped a disco for a pole and the 5yo's we had a pole in the double again I believe! So a few baby mistakes and a few things to work on but so pleased with her and how she handled the show. She had so many lovely comments & quite a few people asking if I would sell, which is always nice. Quite a few 5yo's qualified on the first day so the top 20 scores from both days qualified for the final too, Gracie qualified for the final at her first 'proper' young horse show, I was over the moon! Unfortunately I didn't get to jump the final as me and my boyfriend had already booked our tickets for nitro circus and I couldn't expect him not to get home to watch it! I can't complain about this horse at all, she answers every question I ever ask and gives everything her all, she really is one in a million! A few bits to tweek with both of us but I am very excited for our future,lots more shows and hopefully finals for this horse!