Sunday, 13 March 2016

What we've been upto recently

Hello, I haven't posted on here for so long so thought I should do a well overdue update. Although I haven't actually done any competing I have been real busy with the horses getting them ready!

So as some of you may or may not know I moved yards back in December, I didn't actually have any of my own jumps so the horses have been on flat work bootcamp for a month and a bit. This has actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise as they have improved massively and feel much stronger and ready to jump. Building the jumps was fun ( read: sometimes stressful) but they couldn't have turned out any better I am so pleased with them. My boyfriend and I went out to source wood,poles, paint etc and luckily for us his granddad built the wings and did an amazing job. We painted the wings and poles and they turned out so well. 

So 2 weekends ago was the first time I got to jump Gracie and Fae since November, and whilst rather excited and giddy they went well. Face was her usual crazy self, Gracie feels much better and consistent, albeit a bit wobbly and green due to not doing any jumping for a while. A lot to work on with Gracie but with a bit more work she'll become much more consistent.

I loosejumped rio the same day, for the first time since I went to see him to buy him. So pleased with how much he has improved and how much stronger he is in his frame, I can't wait to jump him under saddle.

So apart from during the week after work that brings me to today. I have sat on Rio a handful of times but since he is still quite unsure I've been taking my time and he feels so much better for it. Today he went in the school and had a trot on both reins all the way round the school and did a few walk/trot transitions and I am so pleased with how he's coming on. He is feeling much more confident and wiling to try things when asked now, so I feel its very much a step in the right direction and i'm very excited to continue working with him.

I then moved onto the girls and did a basic canter pole to jump work with them. I love doing excersizes like this along with grids because I feel they really have to use themselves and their brains to hit the floor in the right place all the time. I definitely find these help Gracie think for herself and about where her legs are, she improves all the time when doing these or grid work, despite her having a spring in her step and a bronc on her landing today! Fae was her usual self, but I still like to do these with her to make sure she is thinking and doesn't rush to much, to help with this I shorten the poles up so she really has to sit up and wait.

Thanks for reading, I am hoping to update this blog much more, with product reviews and favourites etc!

Love, Lauren x

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