Thursday, 21 January 2016

Happy new year!!

Hello and a happy new year! I'm slightly late to this post, well nearly a month late! But I have just got back from a lovely, warm, relaxing week in Tenerife so there is that! So I came back to this cold icy country with a thud after being laid soaking up the sun all last week!

I haven't done any updates in a while, really because I haven't much to update on. The horses have been taking it easy since we moved yards. I don't currently have any jumps but me and my boyfriend are on with making some this weekend so see how that goes! So the horses have been on a flat-work boot camp really, which can only be a good thing. Gracie is (finally) starting to behave herself and be the lovely big baby horse she was until a few weeks ago. Fae is going well, she's big and strong and her transitions are much more fluent and her canter much less choppy. Rio is still being broken, but should be back in the next few weeks which I can't wait for as I miss him dearly!!

Soooo, since its the start of a new year I thought it would be a good time to post a little update and list on things I hope to achieve with the horses in 2016, so I can look back this time next year and see what I did or didn't manage!

- My first aim is to have Rio going confidently under saddle and to begin jumping him around March time, the same as I did with Gracie last year.

- I would like Gracie to get all her BN and Disc double clears ideally, but my main aim with her this year will be 5YO classes.

- Come August time I would like Rio to have a pop at some 4YO classes, and be jumping confidently around a BN.

- We are hoping to put Fae into foal this year, so I don't really have no 'aims' as such for Fae, I just really hope we can breed of her and she can get in foal and have a trouble free happy easy pregnancy and give us a little half-fae bunch of joy at the end. This will be my biggest journey this year, and the thing I am most excited about and I have dreamt of having ever since I first met Fae, 5 years ago! I'm still not sure what stallion to put her too, something with lots of talent and not necessarily proven, so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas of stallions please let me know!

- I hope that I can pass my HGV test this year, this will make my life so much easier and give me the opportunity to get to many more shows without hogging my dads weekends! As soon as I have enough money away to do my medical and theory I will be doing them, so fingers crossed I can crack on with it this year as being poorly last y
ear put a stop to it!

- I finally hope my horses have a happy, healthy 2016 and they stay as buzzy and lively and game for life as they are now, that would be wonderful and the best thing I could ever hope for!

Thanks for reading guys,

Lauren x

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