Friday, 18 December 2015

A new yard, and a 4yo pushing her luck!

Good afternoon! Not much exciting to add about the horses recently, they are fat,hairy and haven't jumped in a life time!

We moved yards last weekend, to one that is literally 2 minutes from my house which is much easier for me to go and muck out in a morning and get down and ride on an evening. The old yard was lovely but with a 30 min drive each way it was just getting to much around a full time job and a life too! The girls settled lovely, they are in a barn now which is amazing for mucking out on these winter mornings! Even though it hasn't been that cold I have thoroughly enjoyed mucking out in a tee-shirt, it's much less painful!  The wagon is currently out of MOT so no jumping for us until after Christmas! Which isn't to painful really as I haven't got any show jumps yet to use at home and the horses are on a bit of a flat work/hacking boot-camp anyway, it was well overdue!

Fae is going so well, she is much more balanced and relaxed on the flat now. As long as I can keep her thinking and her brain ticking with changes of rein and transitions I have been getting some beautiful work out of her, I think I dare say she is 14 and looking/feeling the best she has in ages. Hoping to have a foal from her next year if we won't be jumping much but that's a whole other story and lots of things to look into!

Gracie on the other hand has turned into a terror! She has definatley found her feet and is a big awkward lump at the minute! Broncing and leaping are much more fun than work she thinks, hopefully after this stage has passed I will have my lovely 4yo back!

Rio I have left up at my old yard on breaking livery, he is coming on really well so hopefully I'll have him home soon- miss him loads!

Thanks for reading

Lauren x

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