Saturday, 21 May 2016

Port royal 8-5-16 Report

Good morning!

So I should of posted this last week but y'no, I got busy doing a zillion other jobs but, better late than never!

So I did say I was going to go out and jump a newcomers, however I also really wanted to try get another BN and disco DC. As always, I thought I had loads of time before northcote in two weeks, and as always I was wrong!

Anyway, back to Sunday before last, we popped to Port royal again to jump a BN and disco. It was so busy and so warm I felt such a bad mum as trying to keep Gracie cool was an almost impossible task. We did minimal warm ups, jumped our class and she got untacked and sponged off inbetween to try keep her cool.

Walked the BN, nice enough class. Was 4th to go and it was two-phase. She jumped a lovely first round, then when we got to about the 2nd jump in the jump off I thought I would just open her up a little for the first time, and she once again took to it like a duck to water. Some times she got a little excited and lost control of her legs but she gave it a go. It wasn't super quick, as I didnt ask for to much I just wanted to test the water a bit and was most pleased with another DC. The class was big for a normal Sunday. I think maybe 40-45 people in it? Anyway placings went to 6th and she didn't place which I wasn't worried about. However, I checked my record the other day and she finished 7th! So that was a nice little bonus.

Brit nov video here-

So next up was the Disco. I got in nice and early here too, I was 2nd to go. Course walked nice and I opened her up quite a bit more in the jump off. Landed over the last looked at my time and was thoroughly impressed. Yes, cracking double clear I thought! Oh no, 2 time faults in the first phase! GRRRR! I have NEVER had time faults!! Couldn't work it out as obviously I wasn't pushing but we was not hanging around or overly slow. As the class went on though nearly everyone had time faults in the first round. 9-15 time faults in the first round was the general score of nearly every other combination, I actually think of all the time faults Gracie had the least. She once again jumped a cracking round though, just one of those things, had I of been later to go I would of noticed and pushed on but you know, live and learn.

Video from discovery here-

So I am once again over the moon with her. In hindsight I probably should of jumped the newcomers as She hasn't jumped one so her first 1.10 will be 5yos at northcote as the lorry is having some work done this weekend,then she has physio next Saturday then we go to northcote on the Wed night. Regardless, I am ultra excited and just so grateful this lovely mare has given me the opportunity to take my own self produced 5yo to such an amazing show. I love her to bits 

Thanks for reading, I promise we do go other places than port royal! Our next report will probably be after Northcote as we are rather busy up until then!

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